Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Favorite Beauty Vloggers for WOC

Since its humble beginnings in 2005, YouTube has been credited with so many things. Besides revolutionizing the way we stream music and television, YouTube has left a lasting impression upon the world of style and beauty. Viewers have various outlets to glean fashion inspiration from and if they're bold enough, they can create a channel and share their own visions with the world. When it comes to hair and makeup though, as a WOC (woman of color), it can definitely be a challenge to find beauty vloggers who use products tailored to my skin tone, hair texture, etc.

Despite the fact that 1) I wear makeup sparingly and 2) I'm typically seen with box braids, twists, or a sew-in, I still care about my face, natural hair, and what I'm putting on/in it. For the past 6 months, I've subscribed to this handful of women and it's safe to say that they've surpassed my expectations.

Jackie Aina // Besides the fact that Jackie is a fellow Nigerian and a believer, I love her realness. Unlike some YouTubers, she doesn't feature products solely for the commission. Aina reviews the item in its totality and if it's not up to par, she's not afraid to let her viewers know. Jackie always delivers great hauls, tons of feminine advice, honest comparisons of brands (drugstore v. prestige), and whether or not they carry a diverse range of foundations. Her channel is flooded with a variety of looks, ranging from festival-appropriate to everyday makeup routines. In the midst of all of this, she never fails to make me laugh. Recently, Aina collaborated with Sigma Beauty and released a five-piece brush set! It flew off the shelves so quickly that I wasn't able to snag one, but obviously, Jackie Aina is one to watch.

Cydnee Black // This 25 year-old, down-to-earth Colorado native is making it big in LA. Over the past year or so, I have been watching Cydnee’s videos and I absolutely adore her. With Cydnee, there’s something for everyone: thorough foundation reviews, exotic/simple makeup looks, wig tutorials, fashion lookbooks, Q&As, PLUS occasional appearances from her mom! Along with focusing on viewers of medium to deep skin tones, Black is also an Ipsy ambassador. For makeup newbies, subscribing to monthly $10 services (like Ipsy and Sephora PLAY!) is a great way to broaden your horizons. Her unboxing videos are incredibly helpful and give a preview of what viewers could actually receive in each box. Regardless of what level of experience you may have in the realm of makeup and beauty, Cydnee Black always has valuable tips and tricks up her sleeve.

Jess Lewis // 3 years ago at the end of 9th grade, I stopped relaxing my hair. No more chemical treatments, no more heat - just protective hairstyles. Let me tell you, if I had known about "Mahogany Curls" earlier, Lord knows how long and healthy my hair would have been by now. When I tell you that Jess Lewis LOVES natural hair, I mean, she REALLY loves it. Although I’m a fairly new subscriber to her channel, I can honestly say that the products she prescribes are amazing. From in-depth DevaCurl reviews to twist-out tutorials and even showing me how to take care of my untamable edges, Jess knows ALL. Don't get me wrong, I love a good weave, but you've got to let your natural hair breathe. Thank you Jess for leading the way.

Shayla // Of all of the ladies on this list, Shayla might be tied with Jackie for my favorite. Not only am I a huge fan of her #StrutAndSlay motto, but her success story is incredible. In addition to her laid-back personality, Shayla's wittiness always manages to come through on camera. There's such a wide range of videos to choose from on her channel: bold, vacation-inspired looks, eyebrow tutorials, videos on how to take a good selfie, etc. Regardless, Shayla flawlessly directs my steps. Might I add, the camera quality and lighting in her videos is absolutely impeccable. ALSO, did I mention that she has a WHOLE contour palette by Tarte available at Sephora? Strongly recommend that you check out her channel.

Patricia Bright // Last, but not least, is someone I like to call "The Renaissance Woman". Patricia Bright is SO many things. She's a trailblazer as one of the first black and British-Nigerian YouTubers, a new mother, AND a connoisseur of all things lifestyle. Besides her makeup tutorials, I love her room tours, organizational tips, and vlogs with her husband Mike. In her life updates and sit-down videos, she's very blunt and honest with her viewers and always provides practical advice. Bright is a prime example of a woman who can do it all - and do it well. However, she constantly reminds subscribers of the importance of honesty, loving yourself, and cherishing life's small moments. Like she says, get comfy and grab a cup of tea, because her videos will keep you laughing for days.

Are there any other beauty vloggers, bloggers, etc. that you'd recommend for women of color? Let me know in the comments below! As always, be sure to keep up with me on social media: instagram // twitter // tumblr // pinterest

- Ruth